Gator Timber

Gator TimberGator Timber & Land is Northeast Florida's premier forestry company.  Whether you have land or timber you wish to sell or purchase, we can help!

As an environmentally conscious and family-owned company, we know the importance of replenishing nature's resources.  Since 1945 a member of the Kelley Smith family has been instrumental in ensuring Florida's forestry future.  "Forestry management is a way of preserving what we have today so we will continue to have forests in the future," states Kelley Smith (Jr.), Managing Member of Gator Timber & Land, LLC.

Dedicated to both the public and industry professionals, Gator Timber & Land plays a major role in facilitating sales of land and timber as well as purchasing land and timber.

For over 60 years, Gator Timber & Land has been on the forefront and cutting edge of helping to manage Florida's forests.

Gator Timber Gator Timber Gator Timber


3 thoughts on “Gator Timber

  1. robert damelio

    i have 10 acres of young pine for pulp wood

  2. Alice Ortiz

    I have 10 acres of land and want to sell Timber …

  3. Bill Haddox

    we have 20 acres looking to thin out pines.

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