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Gator TimberGator Timber & Land, L.L.C. is a major purchaser of timber in the Northeast Florida area, purchasing over four million dollars in stumpage annually.

Counties in which Gator Timber primarily operates include Putnam, Clay, St. Johns, Flagler, Volusia, Duval, Baker, Bradford, Alachua, Marion, Union, and Columbia.

Gator Timber prides itself in paying top prices and providing a quality job for landowners. Our minimum acreage for purchase is 10 acres of well stocked pine timber.

All of Gator Timber’s loggers are Master Logger certified and receive annual training to maintain their status.

If you are interested in selling your timber, please call us at (386) 328-6969 or e-mail us at for a free estimate.

21 thoughts on “Buy/Sell Timber

  1. steve langley

    HI, I have purchased 8.5 acres of land in pasco county florida, full of cypress and oak trees. Would you know anyone that would be interested in purchasing the trees? If so email me


    Steve Langley 

  2. mark alderman

    i have about 1 acre of standing pine, that i want to sell,  how  much does it cost for you guys to cut down haul away.  dont worry about the stumps.

  3. Helena Hewitt

    I currently have approximatley 20-24 pine trees on our property that we would like taken out, is this something you could do?  

  4. Jon Kerkel


    We have large pines on almost an acre that we are interested in selling.  Thank you,


  5. Jamie Mueller

    I have ten acres in Live Oak, Fl that is full of pine, oak etc. and would be interested in having it harvested. Please let me know if this is an area you would be interested in or if you could lead me in the right direction.

    Thank you,


  6. Julie Houk

    I have 18 acres in Osteen and am looking to sell the timber on the property.  It is heavily wooded with different varieties of trees.  Do you cover this area?

  7. mercedes nieves

    I have 2.63 acres live in Marion county with lots of trees. I have lots of pine, and cherry oak. Interested in selling.

    Thank you

  8. Melanie Gervais

    I have 10 acres in Citrus county that I am exploring ideas of timber sales, growth and or selling the land.

    could we speak if that is an area you work with as I did not see it on n your website



  9. stefurak-co

    Hallo! We have wood company in Ukraine. We sell timber (softwood) spruce of different specifications. we would like cooperate with you.

  10. James paine

    I have a mixture of pine and hardwood on 10 acres in Middleburg.  I would like to sell the wood and replant in pine.  #904-403-8880

  11. Enrique

    Hi im interested a sell large pine aproximate 75 in my lot in volusia county

  12. Jessie Harrison

    My dad has a few thousand acres and a lot of it is covered with trees. Some of the trees are more than 30 feet high. He wants to get rid of some of it in order to build some things on the land. What's a good estimate of how much per ton your company would pay?

  13. Rochelle

    I was wanting to know if there is anyone that will cut down 8 acres of large hard wood trees (live oak- water oak-pine trees) then put the stumps and limbs in a pile. In trade for all the hardwood? 

  14. tim morton

    I have 8 acres in oak hill Florida with some giant pines how much to remove the trees

  15. Garland Pierce

    I have roughly 50 pine trees on my property that I would like gone. They are  about 12" or bigger around. They are tall also. How much per ton would I get for the trees.


  16. Roy knowles 352-322-3704

    Hello i have 10 acres of mixed trees. I am interested in selling some of them atleast a 100 plus trees. I live in citrus county.

  17. Marjolein Baas

    Hi, I have about 40 to 50 big straight pine trees in Inverness Citrus County I would like to have removed.  Do you serve this area?

  18. Jose Gutierrez

    I have 27 pine trees I am willing to give to whoever cuts and hauls TTY hem away in clewiston fl

  19. Samuel Harvey

    I'm in baker county I have about 300 to 400 pine tree 80+ feet tall is this something you will be willing to cut down and take not even looking to get paid for them you can have them.

  20. mary

    I have some trees not more than 10 in my property, some are extremely tall but I have no clue what kind of trees they are. I just want someone to take em down and away. 

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